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On the sands of Fort Lauderdale Beach a transformation is taking place. Enjoyment has evolved to deliver leading-edge design, connected technologies, service that anticipates your needs, and experiences that enrich your life with purpose and passion. The Ocean Resort Residences has been created uniquely for you and the way you live. Step into the sunlight of South Florida’s new era.

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Discover the pleasures of a resort residence, private condominiums, or a beachfront villa residence that grants you access to fine dining, spa treatments, yachting memberships, golf clubs, courtesy drivers, personal shoppers, and the distinction of being the first-ever Conrad Hotels & Resorts Residential property of its kind in the U.S.

Nautically inspired.

Shaped by the Atlantic and Intracoastal, your residence is an entry to elevated living. Designed and fully furnished by Interiors by Steven G, the effect is that of sailing away to sea. Multi-functional spaces echo life aboard a magnificent yacht. Living spaces transform effortlessly to elegant dining rooms or a private study. Portal windows and glass balconies create the sense of a journey. Sleek stainless steel fuses seamlessly with chestnut teak. Every detail is thoughtfully planned and masterfully placed for your utmost comfort and relaxation.

Choose your lifestyle.

For those in search of the most exclusive offering of The Ocean Resort Residences, a limited-edition collection of private condominiums and Beachfront Villas are the entries to haute coastal living. The future of the modern resort residential experience has arrived.

Elevate your enjoyment.

Never before has smart living been so sexy. Dive into a fresh-water heated pool with views of the Atlantic. Hover above the city and ocean from the 10,000-square foot Jewel Box – a glass encased space on the sixth floor connecting the pool and Serenity Deck. Above this captivating prism, the rooftop becomes the oceanfront Sky Beach dotted with pink-sand sunbathing areas and a poolside restaurant – creating 20,000 total square feet of amenity areas for residents to enjoy.


The 24-story tower and collection of beach villas merge art deco and modern influences. Sweeping proportions flow gracefully from one space to another, indoors and out, from sand to sky. A refined porte-cochere drive is anchored by a breathtaking sculpture by Peter Stromberg. State-of-the-art technologies and
dedicated personal service work together to frame every moment with a sense of sophisticated escape.


Known for its winding waterways and elegant yachting heritage, the allure of Fort Lauderdale Beach as “The Venice of the Americas” is timeless. However, the future is an exciting time that is about to give way to a new horizon of sophisticated urban, oceanfront experiences.

As the world’s attention continues to focus in on South Florida, today’s Fort Lauderdale Beach is poised to become a new international capital of business, luxury, culture, and opportunity.

  • ◆ Free membership to the private 6th floor Sky Beach
  • ◆ Conrad E-Concierge
  • ◆ 10% off food & beverage on selected dining venues
    in the property
  • ◆ Access to The Ocean Resort Residences’ private cars or
    car service
  • ◆ Fun and engaging Kids Program supervised by
    trained staf
  • ◆ Exclusive access to art exhibits located throughout
    the property
  • ◆ Rotating schedule of Life Enrichment Courses for
    residents – activities include cooking, art, wine, travel,
    computers, programming, and more
  • ◆ Bike along the Fort Lauderdale beachfront with
    Conrad’s bike-share program
  • ◆ Upscale happy hour for residents and guests only
  • ◆ Movie night in the owner’s lounge weekly
  • ◆ Complimentary wi-fi internet in all common areas
  • ◆ Complimentary laundry service
  • ◆ Complimentary beach chairs
  • ◆ Priority seating at signature restaurant
  • ◆ Access to personal trainer/life coach
  • ◆ VIP access to the Museum of Discovery and Science
  • ◆ Access to private golf course
  • ◆ Preferred rates on boat slips at a nearby marina
  • ◆ 100,000 HHonors points with your purchase
  • ◆ Diamond HHonors membership status
    •   – 50% elite status bonus – automatically receive 50% bonus on all HHonors points you earn
    •   – 48-Hour Room Guarantee – you are guaranteed a room in any Hilton Worldwide property when you make a reservation at least 48 hours prior to your arrival
    •   – 5th Night Free
    •   – Quick Reservations and check-ins based on your room preferences
    •   – Late Check out
    •   – Express Check out
    •   – 2nd guest stays free
    •   – Complimentary access to fitness and health clubs
    •   – Two complimentary bottles of water per stay
    •   – E-check in
    •   – Complimentary in room and lobby wi-fi access
    •   – Upgrade to a preferred room
    •   – 1,000 HHonors bonus points per stay
    •   – Complimentary continental breakfast for you and up to one
      additional guest registered to the same room each day you stay
    •   – Executive floor lounge access
  • ◆ VIP status at all Orchestra Hotels + Resorts including upgrades
    and discounts on food & beverage
  • ◆ 10% off best available rate for Orchestra Managed hotels


Conrad Ocean Residences FTL - Floor Plans



Still have questions? Email sales@conradoceanresidencesftl.com.

551 N. Fort Lauderdale Beach Blvd, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33304

The Ocean Resort Residences, a limited-edition collection of private condominiums and Beachfront Villas are the entries to haute coastal living.
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